Groom Gift help! Mclaren?

Hi guys! I'm really struggling with an original gift to get my hubby to thing I'd like to get him is some kind of signed card from someone at Mclaren F1 as he has been a HUGE fan from an early age, any ideas how I do this? I saw some other bride say she had done it but I lost the thread so haven't managed to find out how! Any other suggestions for original gifts would be very much appreciated....but just to start off...he doesn't like any sport except F1...he doesn't wear jewellery or a watch...we're both staying the night before the wedding at the hotel so no fancy car to take us to the venue...! Thank you !!x


  • drop me your email address and ill forward you the email that the lady from the post i think you have seen onto you which includes a letter and the address you need to send it to
  • Hi MrsTomo2b, i wrote a letter to Ross Brawn at Brawn GP and enclosed a wedding card with a car on it and a stamped address envelope and he wrote a really nice message in the card and sent in back. I think they must get a lot of requests (particularly if that other thread is anything to go by) so I would try and make it as easy as possible for them to do something. I pretty much just said my h2b is a massive fan and I'm hoping to get some tickets and a signed card would really make his day or something along those lines. Good luck!
  • Thank you for your help ladies, I really appreciate it! Watch this space!!x
  • I wrote to mclaren , technology centre the address was on one of the forums , i also sent a letter to the membership centre. I recieved answers from both advising congrats form lewis ,haiki and the team ... only problem is it looks as if haiki could be out of mclaren next season so im stumped now til next year . if you search mclaren the address from the website
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