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Boudoir Photographer - Northwest Area??

I'm thinking of doing a boudoir shoot as a pressie to h2b. I remember reading good reviews about My Boudoir with Nicola Grimshaw-Mitchell, but has anybody been to or seen any reviews of The Black Book Sessions in Manchester?



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  • hiya mrs south2Be! I used Nicola too from My Boudoir - she was excellent in every way - brilliant photos, really friendly and down to earth and she made my session loads of fun - important for me as I was SOOOO nervous! My album was amazing, I couldn't believe anyone would make me look so good, it was such a confidence booster! I've not heard of any of my friends using Black Book but their website is also very good - gorgeous images, so I wouldn't worry about booking either of those 2 - they are similarily priced too I think?

    Let us know how you get on!

  • Hi Mrs South2B, I am also using Nicola Grimshaw-Mitchell. My shoot is on Sunday - tres nervous! I have every confidence in her, her communication was great and so is her website. Also very reasonable. I spoke to a male boudoir photography who wanted £410 for 3 photos!

    Hope that helps...x
  • Thanks to you both for the info and good luck MrsRPCtobe, come back on and let me know how you go on!!!
  • Hi Mrs South2B, well i had the shoot today! It was mega. Load of fun, really relaxing and really quite easy!

    I was really nervous coz I thought I just can't do 'sexy' on demand. But she talks you through it all but it dosen't feel robotic if you know what I mean.

    Had a few disasters: my kids wouldn't settle in bed, scuppering my plans for a night of bath, shave, fake tan, nails etc, then the baby was awake 3-5am, then I had to get up at 6 to do everything I couldn't do last night. Overslept, kids wouldn't get up for nursery (after late night!) forgot my shoes, sister made me look like a drag queen, forgot to do my nails, newly bought underwear didn't fit.....but after all that Nicola made a very stressed out me feel completely comfortable and like a million dollars!

    I can't reccommend her enough. Let me know what you decide...x
  • I had mine with Nicola, im now a newly wed and my new husband nearly died when he saw all my shots...especially when he turned the pages to the nude ones-even i cant believe i had the guts to do that! Im sure you will love your pictures MrsRPCtobe, i remember getting mine online and ringing up my sister in law to hurry up and come round i loved them sooooo much! x

    The book stil has pride of place next to the bed...obviously still in the box just in case visitors pop round!
  • I am also thinking of having a shoot in the north west, can anyone give me a rough idea on what theirs cost and what they got for the price? I would be worried that the price would increase after the shoot when I want to buy all the photos!x
  • Hi Lianne!

    I had Nicola from

    can't recommend her highly enough! I paid £275 and for this I got the session lasting about an hour and a half, and 20 fully edited images (ALL really gorgeous) in a PhotoBook - it's a hardback album with that magazine style thing - photos printed directly on page - very classy and much appreciated by my new hubbie!

    I also bought a print after for £25 (10x8"). I think some of the girls above also had Make-Overs? I did my own but again she's dead reasonable for these packages - think they're about £400? I know when I booked my shoot the price for the shoot was held for me even though she'd put her prices up for the packages in the meantime, just ask if you're unsure?
  • i have just booked in with nicola for december, cant wait, have to plan what to take for shoot now, image x
  • witwoo marinesmissus! let us know how it goes!

  • I finally decided to book in with Jules at The Black Book Sessions, its not until February so got quite a while to wait!

    She's really lovely and has been really, really helpful, despite only having had her first child two weeks ago!!

    Just got to go shopping for something to wear now image
  • Thanks for the info Alex, I will have to give her a call I think, will have to wait until I have saved up a bit though! image x
  • Hey Lianne,

    Check out Jules at The Black Book Sessions, I think she's quite similar priced to NGM but you can add a makeover to the smaller albums.

    The before and after shots sold it to me!



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