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Hi girls,

I did my mighty aphrodite shoot last month, it was amazing!! Im after someones name as if i can give a name of someone whos been before i and they, will get an extra print - and if you've been you know how much you will want that extra print!! image

Many thanks in advance

Caroline x


  • zoda84zoda84 Posts: 84
    Hiya, can you give the name of someone who has one booked?? I have mine booked for March....x
  • hayleedukhayleeduk Posts: 236
    I've got mine booked for November. So nervous but also excited! Gonna be hard hiding it from the h2b until March. cea2b what sets did you do? did you have a drink before you went? i'm thinking i might have to bring a hip flask to get through it!
  • Got mine booked for this Friday....scared witless!
  • What is it?
  • CurlylydCurlylyd Posts: 1,465
    Hi ladies

    I had my MA shoot in July, and jot married four weeks ago - got to say your h2b's are going to LOVE it!!

    You are all more than welcome to give my name, infact it would be doing me a huge favour because there is one space left in my new husbands album.

    The name is Lydia Clark.

    I gave a name from someone else on here, Leigh and Zena know that lots of girls get together on this website to do this, and they are more than happy for it to happen.

    If anyone has any questions about the shoot that I might be able to help with then I'd be more than happy to, email if you want.

    I had a fantastic time doing mine, loved every minute of it, and Leigh and Zena really are fantastic.

    Good Luck ladies, hope you all have a fab time doing your shoots

  • cea2bcea2b Posts: 72
    Hi Lydia!

    Thanks fpr letting me use your name, Leigh said he would get in touh with you so you can get your extra print too!!

    Caroline x
  • Lydia how does that work? With the whole name thing and the free print?
  • CurlylydCurlylyd Posts: 1,465
    Cea2b - Thankyou so much! I'll look forward to hearing from Leigh. Really appreciate it, thanks again. I'll have to get my hisband to get the disk out and choose which one he wants. YAY!

    Hayleed - I think whether you recommend someone, or someone recommends them to you, both people get a free print for their album.

    When you go, you will get all the pictures that were taken on a disc to take home and choose from. When you give Leigh and Zena the image numbers that you have chosen, they will do any airbrushing that needs to be done (even if you look perfect they do a skin softening thing) and then send you a link to a secure, password protected website where you will be able to see the finished pictures. On the website thay will be in black and white, sepia and colour so you can decide what you want. So I assume that it will work the same way, and for my extra print I will just give them an image number and go from there.

    Just so as not to worry you though, if there are any pictures you don't like when they are taken, they will delete them straight away, and take more instead until you get to the rough limit of whatever package you choose. When you are having the pictures taken, they go straight from the camera to a computer screen, and Zena watches as they come through so that she can say whether they look good, or if the lighting or anything needs to be changed. They get you to go and have a look at the pictures the whole way through the shoot, so you can decide if you like a particular pose, or you want to do something differently. It also helps build your confidence, because you see how good it looks right from the start. And straight after your shoot is finished, Leigh will show you exactly what the airbrushing does to one of your own pictures. It's AMAZING!

    If you have any more questions, let me know. But I promise, you will love it!


  • Thanks Curlylyd! I'm so excited! So hard keeping it a secret from h2b though its killing me. Greenpea would love to know how your shoot went image x
  • Hi hayleed

    It actually went really well and I surprised myself by really quite enjoying it and I certainly felt great afterwards. I even got naked...very scary! Leigh and Zena were just brilliant though and completely made me feel at ease and it almost seemed like the most natural thing in the world!! I am also really pleased with the photos, I am having trouble whittling it down to the right number. (Thank you for letting me use your name Lydia, Zena should be contacting you very soon)

    For anyone doing this though I do advise taking a snack with you, with all that nervousness then bending and stretching I was so shattered and starving afterwards, I had to get a cornish pasty and a hot chocolate at Reading station to recover!

    Definitely recommend this as it is such a good experience, and please email me anyone if you would like a recommendation name! xx

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  • Just one thing to add, I would advise not drinking alcohol before you go, there is such a lot of bending and stretching it would probably make you feel quite ill, and apparently someone actually had to go and throw up half way through the shoot! xx
  • hey did anyone catch a bus from the train station to get there? i'm going on monday but i'm worried i'm going to get lost! is it pretty easy to find?
  • I would recommend a cab, it is £15 each way and if you are as shattered as I was afterwards you wont feel like the bus!! Good Luck!!
  • Hey girls!

    Well I had my shoot and I loved it! What a nice couple. I felt so comfortable I had no issues getting all my kit off in front of them. It felt like I was just getting normal photos of myself done! It was great to be able to see the photos as we went along on the computer. Can't beleive how good I looked, hehe I wasn't expecting that!! And it feels so safe because you are in their family home and they are very normal and so friendly.

    There were bits and peices of my body in some of the photos i didn't like, but at the end they showed me how they could fix it all up on the computer it was so amazing! No wonder models look so good in magazines, they can suck you in and smooth out anything you want. Love it!

    If anyone is going to book a shoot please mention my name as we will both get the free print and I could really do with it! My name is Haylee Dudek. I will be so grateful! image

    Oh and if you are planning on getting a bus its the 2A just out the front of the Reading train station on the other side of the round about. Ask to go to Man's Hill, it was about 2.80 pounds one way. But if its raining like it was for me, i would definately recommend a taxi because I was so cold when I arrived!

    Thanks girls for all your advice! x
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