Octoberfest - Germany....anyone been?

Hi, my H2B and his BM are looking at organising his stag doo around Octoberfest in Germany next year, he has had conflicting stories though about the costs of beer there in the tents....was just wondering whether anyone or anyones H2B's has been and whether they can eloborate upon the price of a pint (thats all they are worried about!). He has been told it is around £8 a pint!!

Thanks!! :\)


  • Been to the O-Fest a few times as I used to live in Munich. Personally, I prefer going during the week as the weekends can be very, very busy and the beer tents difficult to get into due to overcrowding.

    Beer prices were around ???????8.70 per litre this year I believe.

    PS: Worth bearing in mind that beer prices for the O-Fest are usually quoted per litre as the beers are served in huge litre glasses and not per pint or half litre.

    Check out the O-Fest site for more info: http://www.oktoberfest.de/en/

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    Great thanks so much!!! x
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    my hubby went best time he ever had - the beer price is right but the glass is much bigger and the beer is much stronger.

    my hubby did say that a lot of the brits were drinkng it like normal pints and many were just colapsing.

    you have to book the tables in the tents or get there early.

    they went for 3 days but on the 3rd day my hubby was in bed nursing a v bad hangover.

    it was an expencive trip - there are shows there - v expencive and some places charge for the glass and you have to return the glass to get your money back

    however they had the time of their lives and would do it again - although perhaps not for as long.
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