Bartlett & Butcher suit hire - Alton

Has anyone used these guys?

Saw them at a wedding fayre yesterday and they look fairly good.

Bit more expensive that you Moss Bros etc but they are a one off place that has everything on one site (less chance of items being wrong on pick up?)




  • I popped along with my H2B 2 weeks ago and found they were quite good however they were quite expensive and wouldn't negotiate on price or offer any deals. I think we are going to get the suits from the grooms shop in Crowthorne, Berkshire now as they do exactly the same suits only it works out to be nearly £100 cheaper as they wll do 5 for the price of 4.
  • DynanDynan Posts: 43
    Ah - didn't know there was anywhere in Crowthorne.

    Will check that place out.

    Seems a bit off that they won't negotiate at all. Their loss I guess!

    Thanks anyway.

  • they've started to take over some moss bros places. I went to house of fraser in bluewater last night to find that the moss bros had turned into barlett and butcher so that may be a good or a bad thing but thought i would post.
  • DynanDynan Posts: 43
    Thats interesting to know - part of the sales pitch to me was that they're a one off place.

    There shop is their stock room/ cleaners etc.

  • mark236mark236 Posts: 2

    I visited this store after a young gentleman and I had a very in-depth conversation regarding suit hire at a show, we spoke again in-store and was passed to a lovely couple who helped me choose an amazing set up for my wedding. I went back in March for my final fitting and to my sadness discovered they had left, I was given no explanation as why. I had to deal with an older gentleman who came across quite rude to what I had seen previous. He wasn't helpful about the fitting and insisted it was all sorted and I didn't need to try them on again. THEN DISASTER!!

    I went back the day before my wedding to collect the SEVEN suits I had ordered and to my absolute shock discovered they were not available, and the same old "gentlemen" insisted he knew NOTHING about what I was saying about my rather desperate issue. To summarise, AVOID THIS GUY AS HE LIES, AND DOESN'T ACCEPT THEY MESSED UP. Totally ruined the day as everyone was in their own clothing, oh, and I am still fighting for my money back image

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