Engagement gift for h2b!! Please help!!

Hi ladies,

I know there are a lot of topics on here about what to get h2b's for the actual day but i only got engaged 2 weeks ago and really want to get him an engagement present as he bought me the most beautiful ring I ever could have imagined!! Any ideas would be greatly received! Thanks xx:\)


  • Sorry I haven't got a clue! I always said that when we eventually got engaged I would get him an omega watch but he proposed out of the blue with the most amazing ring I have ever seen, and I can't afford to buy him an engagement present - thinking I should save up for the omega and give it him as a wedding present?!

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    Hey hun

    I wanted to do the same for my h2b when he proposed as a thank u as such =)

    I actually went onto www.gettingpersonal.co.uk and they do engagement calenders where you can do both your names and you do it from the month you get engaged for the whole 12 months.

    I loved that idea, but they also have other ideas for gifts depending on how much you would like to spend

    Hope this helps xx
  • I got mine a snowboard, just because snowboarding is his second favourite thing after me!
  • I got mine a watch he liked because I wanted to get him something he would wear a lot as I wear my ring all the time.
  • Ah i love that idea MrsFrancis2b!! I would have got him a watch mrsmarks but got him a lovely one a couple of years ago which he still wears. Any other ideas are welcome as I do want to get him something he can wear/keep/use forever xx
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    sorry hun just realised I typed completely backwards lol, glad you could understand it!!

    I loved the idea of a calander and will keep it for years but they do little keepsakes and gifts depending on how romantic your h2b is.

    Sure he shall love whatever you buy xx
  • Hi Hun

    I bought my H2B a signet ring as an engagement ring for him for our engagement. He doesnt normally wear any jewellry or watches or anything like that so i thought this would be nice and then when the wedding comes around he will be used to wearing a ring image

    Its not some peoples cup of tea but he loved the idea and has worn it everyday since. xx
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    I bought mine a personalised number plate for his classic car and he loves it.
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