B2B's parents have offered to give us alot of money to pay for the wedding. I have put some aside myself and so has the other half, but I really feel my dad should offer something. Sod this well the brides father pays for everything lark, thats how things WERE done. So far even though we have been engaged for over a year, he hasn't said anything. He is in a far better finical postion than her parents are to help. I know , I know what your thinking? Just ask him. Well I could but things in the past haven't been great but He has never given anything to help me through other events/situations. This has probably made me a better person but it also means that I don't expect too much. But sod it, it's my wedding. I'm the first of three to get married and hopefully start firing out the grandkids that he wants. Again, I know .......get some balls and just ask him. But how? "dad, I'm only going to ask this once" "dad I need a favour?" "dad B2b's dad is giving us this much, can you contribute something to the wedding?"

Any help and advice would be gratefully recieved. :\)


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    I don't think I could ask, if he wanted to contribute he would, or maybe he still will? H2b's parents are paying £300 for our wedding car, h2b and I and my parents are paying £15,000. We would never ask my h2bs parents to give us anymore though, afterall it's our wedding, not theirs! I don't really know what else to say. I think you might rock the boat if you go asking though, but obviously you know your dad and I don't. I hope you all come to a decision you are happy with.
  • You should never expect contributions from any parents to your wedding, because its YOUR wedding, not theirs.

    My parents didn't offer anything (not that we expected) until we started to book things for the wedding. It may be that the wedding is still quite a while away, and they aren't thinking that far in advance.
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    OK, I'm not going to enter the 'should parents help pay or not' debate.

    You would like your dad to contribute something and so far he hasn't. Two options:

    1) Try having a wedding conversation with him and mention how much your B2Bs parents are contributing, how very generous it is, how you wish you could contribute a bit more etc, etc. This may prompt an offer from him?

    2) Ask if he could contribute to the wedding fund, or buy some specific items (transport, cake etc) instead of giving you a wedding present.
  • hello. We never expected any contributions from our parents, which is why he have been saving up for the big day. The wedding is next May. Her parents offered us some money the other day. I feel really bad, because due to certain reasons, only one of them works and my dad is far better off then they are. It will help greatly, but I just wish i could turn around and say, my dad has offered this much. Maybe I'm wrong about this. And if he doesn't offer then it's one less stakeholder tell us how to do things! There is still 8 months to go so you never know. Thanks for the comments/advise....
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    Sod all that if you want him to contribute we had this dilema also. Draw up a budget thats realistic and email it to him or show him next time youa re there. we did this and then my dad phoned up and offered to pay for a certain part.
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