mens's uit hire issues - cross posted to fashion

I'll try to keep this short.

As we have a dark red/burgundy theme we wanted to have grey suits as our wedding is in July 2010.

OH is 5ft 8 so didnt want tails and to be honest the prince edward style suits looked much nicer on him.

We took my dad to try on the prince edward and tails (just to make sure) and he looked terrible

The colour looked quite bad bt worse than that was the cut of the prince edward on him. To get it across his beer tummy it had to be quite big and just ended up looking like a cross between the grium reaper and father christmas (due to burgundy tie and the fact the shirt was too tight so his cheeks were rosy bless!!)

So my question is what have you brides done in this situation? I want my dad to feel fab on the day and he said he felt like a stuffed turkey

Would it look weird if he had the same colour suit just a shorted jacket? with fiance having prince edward suit? that might look better for him as it wont look like a huge coat on him?

If I do that do you think then all the bridal party except fiance should have the same suit as my dad and OH be different or just let my dad have a differnt suit.

Im aware of his feelings if I pitch it as him having a different suit although it can always be spun to your special so can wear whaever you want!

I hope this doesnt come across as mean I just want him to look his best and have a great day.


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