My h2b does not wear jewellery, except watches. I want to treat him to a really good watch as a wedding gift. In the past he has commented on Tag and Breitling to freinds etc?? (unsure if i have spelt it correctly) I know both are very expensive...plan to look around first before i make a decision. Any suggestions?


  • About how much are you thinking of spending on the watch?
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    No idea. Maybe 500 max!

  • nsteele80nsteele80 Posts: 443
    If i can get a good one for a few hundred pound that would be excellent. Now that i think about it 500 is way over my budget!!
  • I bought my h2b an Oris watch from Goldsmiths for his 30th. Was £550 I think but well worth it, he loves it!

  • You'll need to rule out Breitling then I'm afraid as they generally cost thousands. Tag Heuer also tend to start at more than £500. For a more reasonable price it's worth looking at Seiko - excellent quality and last really well or Citizen and perhaps Rotary (you could get one of their better ones in your budget). You could also look at the deisgner watches such as Hugo Boss, Emporio Armani etc. It's also well worth keeping any eye out for the sales, as you can get some great deals on watches then.

    Good luck!
  • I bought my H2B a lovely Tissot watch for his engagement gift. They are all hand-made movements and the price is really reasonable.

    I got his from the creative watch company in the jewellery quarter in Birmingham (as we live round the corner!) xx
  • I bought my husband a Paul Smith watch for £255 for his 30th birthday but he doesnt like it - would be willing to sell to you for £200 if you wanted it as its just sitting in its box and paul smith bag around the house (was quite upset when he opened it and was like, ermmm i dont like it! - we were on our honeymoon too, so it made for a bit of an awkward morning!) message me if interested. Was going to get it engraved too, thank goodness i didnt! Would have been a right waste.
  • Another thought is that if you have a TK Maxx near you they often have some good designer watches for really good prices. There are also some excellent retailers on Ebay offering fantastic deals (generally on last season's models) but you have to be VERY careful as there are lots of sellers offering poor quality fakes .
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    Thankyuou all for your replies, all very helpful...i think i will save my pennies and treat my h2b to a Tag watch....just need to choose which one! x
  • Look in the sales. I had decided that i wanted to get a Tag watch for my H2B and see a lovely one in Ernest Jones window from £1100 down to £625. I snapped that up straight away!! mind you, that was about 4 months ago.
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