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Which suit? Help!

H2B has ordered suits for the men for our wedding in December from Debenhams. My Dad threw a spanner in the works yesterday when he went to get measured and hates the suit- thinks the grey is too light for a winter wedding. Please can you give your opinions as I think we probably could change to the black (with grey trousers) if necessary. I haven't seen either of these in person and don't really know what to think


  • Holly_DHolly_D Posts: 186
    If your fiance is happy with his choice then I think the suits he has chosen will look great.

    A white wedding dress isn't exactly wintry either, but sometimes we have to suffer for our art!!

  • Well you were happy up until now so stick with what you both chose...what do dads know anyway??!! lol
  • I personally like the grey suit. Looks more like a complete outfit. Plus as much as you want to please your dad, its really up to your h2b and he chose the grey suits. i think stick to the grey ones image x
  • It's your wedding day, it is you who has chose the colour, theme, bridesmaids outfits etc and it all has to work together.

    Explain it all to your Dad and hopefully he will understand.

    I don't think light grey is unsuitable for a Winter wedding at all. It will look nice.

    I am having the men in light grey too and our wedding is in October. I've chose light grey because it goes with the dress, bridesmaid, etc.

    I could understand your Dad having concerns if it was a beige linen suit, now that definitely is for a Summer wedding.
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