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My beautiful groom journal

Has anyone bought or is considering buying the "my beautiful groom" journal from oh so cherished. I know this is something I would appreciate but I can't decide whether it would mean as much to my h2b, any thoughts?

Thanks folks xxx


  • tarka33tarka33 Posts: 41

    I haven't bought that journal but am doing a similar thing, instead I just got a nice notebook from Paperchase and am using that. I made a "front page" in Microsoft Publisher and pasted that in the front so it looks a bit more like a book. I think my h2b would really enjoy reading all the reasons why i love him so I personally think, go for it! image good luck!
  • emmalampkinemmalampkin Posts: 6,618
    I have bought this and its brill! H2B will love it.

    They also do a non-leather version which is around £13 cheaper.

    I also have a 5% discount code if needed. Email me for it. x
  • i have seen these and am going to get one for my h2b.

    Even though he is not as soppy as me i think he would love the thought of it. (well he better do hehe image ) xx
  • I'm going to do my own version - Does anyone know what the questions are ?
  • feelofeelo Posts: 306
    I just received this through the post earlier this week! (just missed the pointless strike - phew)

    I'm soooooooooo happy with this and look forward to filling it in image I recommend anyone to buy this for your husband if he's the sentimental type image It's beautiful and OhSoCherished are really professional (you'd think i work for them but i'm a neutral as amber!)
  • Hi,

    I have bought one of these for H2B and it is really lovely.

    If you are considering it i would say to get it in plenty of time, as i think it will take quite a while to complete it image

  • Hi,

    I'm thinking of doing my own version of this. i've bought a leather ring binder and some card to print and write out things on. I mainly wanted to do my own because i'm also going to include some of the FYEO pics I had done in it.

    For those of you that have bought the groom journal - please can you give me an idea of the things and questions in the journal?


  • cazzywoocazzywoo Posts: 2,002
    Hi hun,

    I'd definititely recommend the journal, it is really lovely.

    Get it in plenty of time though, as mine had taken me 6 weeks to fill in so far (having to do it with h2b at work and got 4 children to look after too so not always easy to sit down and write it out!!).

    There are some pages in the back to stick photos in too! xxxx
  • Dugs2bDugs2b Posts: 174
    I have just bought this today as well.

    It looks really nice online so hoping it will be really nice when it arrives!! x x
  • dummymummydummymummy Posts: 1,010
    hiya ladies what sort of questions are they in the book? x
  • Here's a few of the questions in the journal, I just looked it up-

    How we met, the way I remember it

    What I first thought of you

    How those thoughts have changed

    The first time you said I love you

    Our funniest moment together

    How I knew you were my soulmate

    The aspirations I have for us

    You didn't know this about me

    Something you said, I've never forgotten

    My first thought, that magical day you asked me to marry you

    The best part of our wedding day will be

    My pre-wedding jitters

    Why you're perfect for me

    Where I see us in 10 years time

    If tomorrow never came, I want you to always remember

    Dates to remember!

    Your 5 best qualities

    5 words that best describe you

    The 5 things I love most about you

    It's a sweet idea :\)

    Katy x
  • I ordered this and it arrived today, far nicer than I expected it to be, just need to fil it in now, lol x
  • hi Girls, i think its super cute but my h2b is very blokey n so I'm making him a more suitable one on tesco photo books (you can make pages with just text on too)..

    my titles will be along similar lines but im going to make it a bit silly n jokey,

    it'l be a lovely thing 4 u 2 look back on in the future image
  • Are you all planning giving your groom this morning of wedding ? Also have ypu decided on any other wee gifts to open......the journal is more than enough but o could not help but buy the under new management t shirt too x
  • Hi Shortcake01

    I am going to buy this for my groom. I think this is a great personal gift.

    emmalampkin - I would appreciate the discount code if you still have it. I have emailed you.

    2010bride2be - I can't decide when I will give to him. I thought I might give it to him and ask him to open the night before the wedding when he is alone. He is staying at our wedding venue and I will be at home. I think the morning of the wedding he may not get chance to read properly and appreciate it. What dya think?

  • veromiaveromia Posts: 127
    Hi Shortcake,

    I was going to buy this for my groom to be and I wanted to add lots of photos to it but this changed my mind as to what I wanted to give him. You may be the same but I love all of the old photos we have of good times together so I made him a photo book from Tesco and made it into a fairy tale book of how we met and all of the fun we have had up until the wedding day. You can add text and I ordered a hard back cover which was also a photo. It looked so professional and only cost £15 with a couple of quid delivery. You do it all online and they print it and send it to you. My husband loved it and as long as you give it to him early in the day he will get a chance to look through it properly. He even brought it to the reception and it was handed around the other tables and our guests thought it was really sweet. Just a thought!!! All the best for your big day xx
  • om my gosh i just realised that I have done something very similar for every year we ahve been together!!! our first valentines (nearly 12 month in) I did a powerpoint kind of presentation for him and had it printed in a big binder.. Ive done one for him every valentines day since!! some really good ideas here x
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