Black Watch Tartan

Hey everyone,

My h2b is having problems finding a tartan to wear for the wedding - he loves the Black Watch tartan but is dubious about wearing it and offending anyone as he isn't in the Black Watch.

Is it acceptable to wear the tartan without being in the Black Watch, or is this considered a big no-no?

Thanks for your help image neither of us want to offend anyone,



  • Hi there

    My h2b has wore a black watch tartan kilt to several friends weddings and it never seemed to offend anyone.

    It is one of the nicest tartans.

    X x
  • MistyxxMistyxx Posts: 1,679
    I'm bringing the Black Watch tartan into my scheme.

    Ours is for military purposes but while looking into it I found out that the Black Watch tartan is a free pattern. This means that anyone may wear it without disrespect to the culture of the Scottish Clan system

    Hope this helps x
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