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Just an Idea for a gift for your H2B , FAB CUFF LINKS

Hi ,

I have found a place near me that does these fab cuff links . They might not to be to everyone's taste but i liked the idea.

I'm having a set of sixpences done and enamelled for my man to wear on the day with a date that is personal to him. I'm having them in blue. They do loads of different coins. They also do them with years of birth on them . They are not cheap at 42.50 a pair but they are well crafted. I chose sixpences cos the are supposed to be lucky.

To give you an idea.

As they are made by hand , they take about a month so not something you can get immediately although they do have some in stock.

Hope it might help with the morning of the wedding gifts and something that can be kept forever.

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