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Best man and Usher Gifts

Hi all,

has anyone got presents for Best Man and ushers yet? or does anyone have any (cheap) ideas? or websites they would recommend?

many thanks, nikki xxx


  • We got Hipflasks. I think they were cheaper when we got them though.

    We got them around March time this year (Father's day) so they had ones engraved with 'Dad' which I got for my Dad.

    After the wedding we picked up a couple for my cousins who DJ'd and MC'd from eBay. It worked out better as we could get those ones engraved.
  • We done something a bit different

    we have got our best man and groomsman tickets for them and h2b to go and see a comidian which wasnt that expenisive and also gives them something to llok forward to.

    we also got them pint glasses with best man and groomsman on it for a keepsake from a local shop for around £10 each.
  • Go traditional whisky and cigar. You can get a cigar for about £4 for a good one and whisky for about £10. Try Mainly wine and whisky they are on the net.
  • We have got a nice designer wallet for best man.
  • Chel0506Chel0506 Posts: 628
    I'm getting all the groomsmen cufflinks but am having them all engraved with thier initials on. Going to get something extra for the best man but am unsure what yet. xx
  • an ipod x
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