man utd letter/ photo/ card???


I have seen a few topics were b2b have got letter, photos and cards sent from the h2b fav footie team! This is a great idea, which I would really love to do for h2b. image

Has anyone every recieved one from utd, what did they get( card letter, photos and who signed it)?

How long did it take? we get married in just over 8 weeks!!! and Im afraid it wouldnt be here in time

Where did you send the request to? any information would be really helpful!!!

Hope to hear from u all soon!

Dani xx


  • seffielseffiel Posts: 1,729
    I have, you just get a certificate signed by fergie and its from the whole club. Send an email with all the details to [email protected] Make sure you put all the info correct, as they didn't contact me but sent the certificate two weeks later, luckily it was all correct and looked good! x
  • VJSwedVJSwed Posts: 159
    I got mine back a couple of weeks ago and I have to say I am almost too embarrassed to give it to H2b in front of anyone as it is such poor quality - the signature is a copy and it is quite clear - very pixelated! Sorry! Took about 3 weeks though so you have time.
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