mustang hire self drive help????

my h2b is being very picky and wants a shelby mustang gt500 for his wedding car but he wants self drive as this is near on impossible does any one know of anywhere around the midlands area where we can hire a self drive mustang?

thanks for your help


  • we looked for one and your probably not going to find a self drive one to be honest. Found a replica 'elanor' GT500 which was around £700 to be driven in but that was excluding any 'delivery' mileage. Most decent cars are only available in the south and have a massive excess for you todrive yourself. My dad wanted to drive a bentley arnage but the excess was something silly like 10k . There is a GT500 on ebay for 100k if he is really really wants to drive one! weve been drooling over it image
  • were going to usa for honeymoon and are gonna hire one there. Ask him if he would like to drive one for 2 weeks over a couple of hours for the same price. Wont be a vintage one though image
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