TVR Tuscan hire HELP!


I was looking into getting my h2b a ferrari for a suprise wedding car. Then found out the other day he actually doesn't really like them! God I thought every man liked a Ferrari! His favourite sports car is a TVR Tuscan. I'm having problems trying to locate one that is chauffauer driven. We are getting married in the New Forest. If anyone could help I would be sooo thankful. I want to make sure the day is extra special for him. xxx


  • Sorry for the almightly thread resurrection but I was trawling back through the pages looking for something else. Your man obviously has excellent taste - Tuscans are beautiful cars.

    Are you married yet? If not, go to the TVR car clubs regional page where you will find the contact details of the Hampshire Regional Organiser. Tell them the Bristol Regional Organiser put you in touch and they will hopefully be able to drop an e-mail to all their members to see if anyone is free.

    Just bear in mind it is a 2 seater car so the best man will have to find his own way there!
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