Would love to see styles of these watches....anyone buy one for their h2b? xx


  • H2b would love one but the breitling he loves is 4k and thats a bit out my league lol. He has settled for a very very good copy instead lol x
  • i have got one for mine, it's a Tag and it's pretty sexy! it was £800 but should have been £1000, Goldsmiths had a kind of un advertised promotion on and so it was £200 cheaper than it is anywhere else! saying that i can't find the picture of it and don't have the model number to hand but I got it on interest free credit at Goldsmiths and they have a really good selection. i'd suggest going there to get some advice on what you want x
  • i have made my mind yp and plan to go for a Tag watch...would love to see a pic pf the one you chose if poss please? i am hoping i will be just as lucky and get one in the sale too x
  • I know you have made your mind up but my H2B's family are mad for watches, amongst others Rolex, Bell and Ross, Omega. He says the worst thing about having a nice prominent brand watch is that no-one thinks its real!! (absolutely no offense meant - I suppose it's nice to have the real thing!)

    My H2B has an Omega Seamaster and its lovely. Classic looking? Maybe you could look at others? Like this one.


    James Bond wears Omega!

    Sales should be good just before and after Christmas I would have thought....


  • I insure lots of these - they're very popular with the men!
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