FYEO discount code

Hello Ladies,

I had my boudoir shoot with FYEO in Manchester and it was amazing - the photos almost don't look like me they are so brilliant!

So when you do the shoot they give you a few card with a discount code on as a refer a friend. What the code gets you is £100 off the price of any shoot (the mini shoot is what I went for and it is £195 and you get 1 photo plus a photo shoot which lasts about 1 1/2 hours). Think they have shoots for all budgets.

You using this code means I can get another photo plus obviously you get the benefit of £100 off which is always nice!

If you'd like to use the discount code then please email me and I will send you all the details you need!

thanks for taking time to check this out my lovelies,

good luck with all the plans

Viv x
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