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30th birthday present for my future husband...?

My groom turns 30 two weeks after our wedding. Hm.

Any suggestions? I'd like to get him something really special, but he's quite unconventional. Wouldn't want any adventure/stunt type things, I've already given him a leather and silver watch and penhaligons real shave stuff, plus a proper bond street hat. Ga. Any thoughts?


  • 2011brideuk2011brideuk Posts: 2,156
    A boudoir album hun ? My h2b turns 30 in a couple of months and I am taking him back to the first hotel we stayed in in Scotland.

  • Hm, I think he'd laugh at me! (Not AT me, you know, at the idea) Not really his thing... That's a nice idea about the hotel, I need something significant like that...
  • I'm booking my h2b a day in a fast car, I know he will love it, thats for his birthday and for wedding prezzy I have booked match tickets for his fave football club including a meal in the ground and a tour, will he be into anything like that??
  • 30th birthday's are hard! I've decided to take H2B away on a city break.. trying to decide between rome and paris! I couldn't think of anything decent enough to get as a pressie so a 'trip' seemed best. Although if its two weeks after your wedding it may not be right.

    Would he be into something like a romantic hot air balloon trip?
  • Not sure if this will help, but for the wedding day I have arranged for my H2B to go to Harrington's of Bawtry they specialise in cut throat shaves, massage and other such manly stuff, they have a drinks licesence and cigars. He and the best man are going for a few hours, I'm such they do half day or day packages for men and couples. If your not close enough to doncaster I'm sure that other people do similar.
  • Hey hopeful - I did the same as spiced - got my hubby a manly shave in London on his 30th and then did an Orient Express trip to Beaulie to see the car museum.

    Boys and their toys in the day --- followed by luxurious dinner on the orient express Southampton - London = fun for everyone !

    Any ideas what to get my now 34 year old hubby for Christmas? Just took him to Bali for our anniversary - and now run out of ideas. !!!

    Men - so blooming diffcult to buy for - and doesn't help his b'day was only last month too.

  • Hopeful was the Penhaligons shave stuff products? If so, maybe a nice razor from
  • how about a weekend at Malmaison... Very sexy
  • Oh im really interested in the Harrington's of Bawtry. I am getting married at Retford so it is not that far away. Was thinking it would be a nice thing for OH and best man the day before we get married. Has anyone got anymore information about it?
  • I took H2b to London for the weekend for his 30th. Brought 1st class train tickets, overnight accommodation and tickets for his favourite show. Didn't tell him and booked the day off work as a surprise too. he loved it and was blown away. xxx
  • Garfyuk1Garfyuk1 Posts: 585
    My other half turned 30 this year and I took him and his whole family away on holiday and bought him 30 presents to open, the holiday being present number 1 of course! Yes, cheesey, 30 presents, but he loved it! lol
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