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Boudoir Shoot recommendations in the South East

Hi ladies

does anyone have any recommendations for me please?



  • It may bit a bit far but Mighty Aphordite in Reading looks fantastic. I've got my shoot on Monday, so excited! Their website is

    If you decide to go with them, use my name Haylee Dudek as a recommendation and we'll both get a free print! (I think thats how it works). x

  • hiya mrs nakedchef, like hayleed i'm going to recommend someone who's even further away!

    I know Nicola has girls travelling to her fom all over, in fact when I was there I met a girl who'd come from Dorset (think it was Dorset - may have been Somerset?) anyway, she's that good that she's def worth the trip!

  • Anyone else reccomend someone nearer London which is like Nicola's style?
  • lozzi31lozzi31 Posts: 518
    This page may be helpful to you? Theres quite a few listed on this page:

    NB: Purson have an updated website now if you wanted to check them out:

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  • Hi ..

    I went here....

    Hannah Couzen has studios in Cuffley (Near Enfield) and a new one has just opened in St. Albans. She's fab, very easy to deal with and professional and Hubby loved the album he got on the morning of our wedding.

    Watch the Video on the website which shows what happens.

    Jo the make up girl is great and my eyes were "smokin'" when she had worked her magic. The computer screensaver in the background is me !!! and at the end with the feedbacks I am the girl on the chair with trilby. and I still can't believe that's me. The lighting and posing tips are great and I still follow the posing tips even when clothed to "hide" the big thigh look. I had my hair curled at the salon literally just up the road from the cuffley studio. Was all just a lovely lovely day.....

    It was a great experience..... and I'd do it again.... perhaps for a future anniversary gift.


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  • and mrs nakedchef - great name - and hubby trained to be a chef - so some of my pictures were of me and nothing more than an apron, mixing bowl and whisk t hide my blushes.

    Hubby thought cooking had never looked so sexy - just an idea if your name reflects your job/interests.

    c x
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