Which Car to Get ???

Hello everyone,

My first post on here and it's a request for help, suggestions and comments.

I want to get an Aston Martin for use as the Grooms car, now I am unsure which one to get?

I really like the DB7 both the coupe and convertible, but then I can also have the DB9.

the thing is I really really can't decide..

let's say for arguments sake both cars are exactly the same price to hire.

which one would YOU want and why? maybe your comments and thoughts can help me decide.

You'd think it would be easy but its not... both are amazing cars, I won't be driving any, I'll just be a passenger so that experience is off the list image

Wish I could have both! image



  • The DB9 replaced the DB7 therefore the DB9 is likely to be newer and quicker. Do you know which DB7 or DB9 you would be going for as this will determine specific differences in styling and power plus interior etc. its all down to personal taste though. No offence intended but does it really matter when dont seem to come across as a car enthusiast and as you have said your not going to get to drive it anyway?
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