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Cigar help

This may be a long shot, as I know we are all lovely feminine ladies here image, but do we have any cigar connosieurs out there?

I am looking for individual cigars for the grooms party and am confused with the huge choice on websites.

I am just looking for 5 big fat cigars that are about £5 each....anyone got any ideas or can point me in the right direction?...x


  • willsgalwillsgal Posts: 419

    This seems like a pretty comprehensive website!
  • I think you will struggle to get big fat cigars for that sort of price. Cigars have numbers according to size. You want a number 1 or number 2 size (the smaller the number, the bigger the cigar). A number 2 size cigar costs about £15-£20. You can buy low quality cigars but not in this size, not really.
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