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Married in Shorts and Tails


I am getting married in Cyprus next year.

I wanted to wear shorts and smart flip flops, someone mentioned that I should wear top hat and tails also as they thought it would be cool.

I wasnt 100% sure, think the idea would be good but not sure if pictures would look a bit stupid.

Also looking for somewhere to fine taylored outfit, for shirt, shorts and even jacket.

Any suggestions would help.




  • Hey,

    I'm getting married abroad and I have been talked into letting the other half wear shorts.

    If I am honest, I think it will look silly having shorts and tails.

    Last year Next had some lovely tailored linen suits that had shorts as part of the set. I think they bring out the summer range around about March time. Other than that - not too sure. We were planning a massive shopathon in the spring when all of the summer stuff is out to find my h2bs things.

    Good luck
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