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Has anyone hired the mens suits from Burton? Was in there today and they had a brochure about suit hire, picked it up and then the store manager came over and started telling me about it. It sounds really good, really reasonable as well but i'm just wondering has ever hired from them?

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  • dummymummydummymummy Posts: 1,010
    hey i was wondering if they were any good. I found them online yday and thought they looked ok! x
  • the suit hire in burton is a concession and its the same people who do suit hire in debenhams wedding section. My cousin used them and they got on fine.

    Where abouts are you based? I am using a company run by husband and wife and they are very reasonable. They are in Northampton if thats any good.

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  • Thanks for that Mrs Bourucki. Good to know that its the same as debenhams. I'm guessing they're not known for having problems?

    I'm actually in Cornwall so a bit far for Northampton. We've looked at a lot of bridal shop menswear hire but we were just quite taken with Burton for some reason!
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