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We got engaged a few months ago but as we were travelling I got a temporary ring - really nice green jade one from New Zealand. We are off home in a few months via South Africa and I was wondering if any body new anything about buying diamonds there? Are they cheaper, bigger, better value??

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  • mrs2bmrs2b Posts: 58
    Just make sure its certified!!! if you go to a jewelery store and ask them what they know about the diamons , cut , clarity, colour . carat if its a rubbish shop they wont have a clue.
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    Not sure about the diamonds in south africa but just wanted to say congrats. Me and my fiancee got engaged in New Zealand too - breathtaking. Enjoy the rest of your travels x
  • It is a wicked place, where about's where you when he popped the question? We are now loving in Oz, never made it back. But I am getting married in the UK at the end of March so coming back in 4 weeks to finalise things! Starting to feel very real now. When are you getting married?
  • you really need to know where to go to get a bargain in SA, mostly you just save if the exchange rate is favourable, and as mrs 2b said if you buy abroad make sure the diamond is certified. And from a reputable institute, not just the vendor's own certification - read about certs here: http://www.pomeroi.co.uk/jewellery-articles/diamond-certifications.cfm

    The above website has bespoke services so that you can get help creating your own ring using a diamond that fits your budget, really good service and good value on diamonds.

  • Have u seen Blood Diamond?
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