Im so happy, my h2b isnt really in2 football but he is in2 wwe, so ive read the post about telegrams from football managers and it got me thinkin would wwe do something similar, i sent off an e-mail and they r gonna do a letter and some autographs 4 him. Does this sound ok or is it childish?


  • Ashlkny2007Ashlkny2007 Posts: 295
    I think that sounds really nice and shows how much you know your H2B!
  • ANDI81ANDI81 Posts: 134
    Hi. I think your HTB will think it's fab. My HTB used to be really into WWE(now favours UFC) and I mentioned your post to him and he agreed it was a great idea- and very original.
  • i saw the link about the footie teams and have done the same with American Chopper. dont know if you have seen it on the discovvery channel but its a family run company that makes chopper motorbikes. i mailed them but have not heard anything yet! then this week hubbie to be has said he is going off of it typical!!!!! i wish he just liked the footie now!
  • yeah my dad likes that american chopper, wwe got back in touch straight away (the same day) but i just hope ive e-mailed them back correctly lol
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