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Where to Hire Groomsmen Suits from

Please help! Can anyone suggest a good place to hire groomsmen outfits from? My H2B wants top hat and tails and has no idea where to go, We keep hearing conflicting opinons about service and quality of suits from Debenhams, Moss Bros and Youngs. We are getting married in Swansea, but the grooms men live all over the country; Bristol, Swansea and Chester so we need somewhere which has stores nearby for all men. x


  • Youngs were fantastic, had different groomsmen all over the country ( dad lincs, ushers and fotg midlands, and rest in kent) they have set up the fittings and collections to each persons local branch, really helped my h2b pick out what suited him and best of all I found them the best priced. hope this helps

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