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Cadburys purple Cravat

Hi All,

Any idea where we could get a Cadburys purple coloured cravat for H2B and best man etc. All the stuff we have seen doesnt seem to be the right shade of purple.

Any suggestions welcome.




  • We got ours from Greenwoods, its the perfect cadbury purple xx
  • My H2Bs mother had made ours and they are perfect. We all keep telling her she should go into business. She has made matching hankies too.
  • Thanks you're right they do have a very good colour match.

    Unfortunately all their shops seem to be in the North. We are in the south/south west

  • Thanks Purple Muffin. You lucky devil!!
  • Try The Cravat Company online. I couldn't find a royal blue cravat anywhere and ended up getting one there. x
  • You can order off their website, its

  • Quoted:
    Thanks Purple Muffin. You lucky devil!!

    If you can find material though and someone with a sewing machine I am sure they are very easy to make - or get a seamstress to make them. I could ask H2Bs mum but am sure you'll get some locally made for cheaper x
  • To all the Cadbury's purple girls my wedding is end of May and after that I won't need the cravats that MIL has made so will be happy to sell them on. Will be 6 cravats and 6 hankies so if anyone wants them contact me. Otherwise I'll be putting them on ebay xx
  • TToniukTToniuk Posts: 894
    There is somebody on Ebay that makes them in any colour to order.

    Search cravats and she comes up
  • picklepickpicklepick Posts: 1,141
    Purple Muffin,

    Can you email me please as i may be interested in your cravats and hankies!

    Your email button is turned off

    Thanks hun
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