Grooms shoes help

My groom is wearing a sand/beige suit with waistcoat and cravat, but unsure about shoe style and colour!

Basically he hates shoes and only wears trainers or beach sandals. We are having a beach theme wedding by the sea and I wish he could have had sandals but as we have gone for the smart suit, dont think that would work now! Help with suggestions please x


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  • rubybriderubybride Posts: 36
    I went to a wedding last summer where one of the groom's friends was wearing a very smart beige suit with red crocs! I know it sounds wierd, but it did actually look good. Under the red crocs were matching red cashmere socks and he also had on a red tie. He carried it off brilliantly ...

    Hope this is helpful!

  • petessampetessam Posts: 11
    Not sure about a groom wearing crocs!!
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