What's your h2b doing for his stag do? any suggestions?


bit of a wierd post but h2b's a bit lost and hates organising things. the thing is he can't decide what he wants to do for his stag do and doesn't have any ideas. he's not really into going out and drinking loads as he's a bit of a lightweight, bless him! but doesn't have any other ideas. BM's trying to persuade him to go on a drinking weekend in Edinburgh where i think he'd just end up doing what everyone else wants to do and not really enjoy himself.

can anyone please post what their h2b's are doing so i can give mine some inspiration?

any help much appreciated, thanks x

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  • charli159charli159 Posts: 449
    Paintballing and then a few beers in the local pub image

    Or how about an adventure weekend? Or go out with a group of mates to a chinese restaurant then bowling?

    What sort of stuff is he into? x
  • BeachbrideukBeachbrideuk Posts: 2,154
    Mine is going down to Newquay for a few days. They plan on having surfing lessons, then just having a few beers each evening. Coming back via Portsmouth and going on a high octane speedboat out of the marina. Staying in travel lodges and the whle thing is only costing about £120 before drinking money
  • louzzuklouzzuk Posts: 489
    My h2b exactly the same. He was discussing this with his bestman (his brother) and they have decided to have a BBQ in the evening while us ladies are on my hen night. We will then all go back to my place and hopefully there will be food left over for us!! He has said during the day he may go on an experience day, either 4x4 or rallying. xx
  • emmylou717emmylou717 Posts: 1,729
    mi9ne is going to go ape. its like a high rope swingy adventure thing. Then prob a curry in the evening or something like that. x x
  • My h2b is going on a booze cruise !! They are going on the Pride of Bilbao in May.x
  • charli159charli159 Posts: 449
    My h2b is going on a booze cruise !! They are going on the Pride of Bilbao in May.x

    That's a good idea!
  • louzzuklouzzuk Posts: 489
    Emmylou, don't know if h2b has done Go Ape before, but it is fantastic, he will have a great time. xx
  • thanks ladies, got some ideas to tell him about now. he's really into golf and stuff, but most of his mates prefer to drink. so guess he's got to weigh everything up.

  • petessampetessam Posts: 11
    My H2B is going go-karting with a group of his friends. The one near us is in Tolworth (Surrey - off the A3) - he has never done if before, but a couple of his mates have. It looks great and then he is doing beer and curry afterwards. Hope this idea is helpful!
  • rubybriderubybride Posts: 36
    A weekend with his mates in Wales for my H2B!
  • Charlie1980ukCharlie1980uk Posts: 1,533
    Mines off to Chester Races for the weekend x
  • amythystukamythystuk Posts: 190
    Mine doesnt know what to do either. He isnt really into drinking and i know if he does do that he will ring me by 11 to get me to pick him up! I suggested paintballing or something, and have told him it is up to him entirely and not to worry about what i think, so he may end up going out drinking as that will be whats expected of him by his mates!
  • He hasn't got a clue ... but as long as it does not involve him getting tied naked to a lamp-post, he dosn't really care!!
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