Cut throat shave and massage

Hi All,

As one of the presents for my hubby to be I'm paying for him and the best man to have a cut throat shave and a massage on the wedding morning.

I told my H2B this evening that it's booked and him and the best man need not shave and they get to have a pamper on the big day.

Maybe it's the complete girl in me but he didn't seem excited, he's never had one before and every time I try to get him to have a massage he won't have it (we can claim the costs back on our health scheme).

It's not just that he doesn't seem to really get excited about anything....I bought him a driving experience for christmas....up until he got in the there he didn't seem excited, then after he raved about it. All he's mentioned is the honeymoon and how he can't wait for that.

Is this a man thing??? Do men not get excited about things until it actually happens??? Or do guys not really like getting pampered??


  • My H2B is a cool customer too - never lets on he is excited by this kind of thing either!
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