Art of Boudoir - opinions please!

I am seriously thinking about booking a shoot with them ... what do you rekon!?!


  • Just looked at the website and gallery again - pictures still look amazing! Good for you, I bet your H2B will love it. Where are you based?

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  • samgibbonsamgibbon Posts: 28
    I am having mine done in June. I'm really nervous because I'm the smallest of ladies but H2B must like it cos he is marrying me. I am also taking his favourite rugby shirt for one of the pictures and heels. Can't wait to see his face.

    Go for it x
  • rubybriderubybride Posts: 36
    Hi, thanks sam140810 - I was thinking about taking one of my H2B's shirts with me to wear too. Are you taking any other "accessories"!?! Boudoir photography is new to me!

    TheNextMrsKing -They are near south London, the website has more info

  • hi rubybride! glad you found somewhere you like! I'm a BIG fan of MyBoudoir but sadly not near enough for you! I've had a look at the artof boudoir site and there are some lovely images on there (though not many?) - get it booked - you'll have a great time!

    I took a basque type thing and a black set and also my wedding lingerie. I had a Make-Over there so didn't need to worry about that bit. I was dead nervous but Nicola made me feel so relaxed that I soon forgot I was half naked!
  • rubybriderubybride Posts: 36
    Hi thanks LouLouLeonards, I was thinking of taking the shirt (as I said), a red set and I have seen the most amazing "Mysteria" corset on the Agent Provacateur site, but its a bit pricey. Tell me what you think ...

    I might try to get something similar that's a bit more in my budget!.
  • hi ruby thats a gorgeous corset but have you tried La Senza for a cheaper alternative? They have some gorg stuff in there at the mo, also Primark is very cheap but they also have some lovely retro looking corsets - or they did the last time I went in!
  • rubybriderubybride Posts: 36
    Hi LouLou, thanks for the top tips, theres not a primark that near me, but I feel a lingerie shopping trip coming on ...!

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    I'm confused by this thread. TheNext MrsKing posted on another thread in Big Budget Brides a few days ago:

    "I had had some done by a great photographer based in Epsom. He is called Gary Roebuck and the website is

    He does a really luxury day where you get the photos done in a hotel bridal suite and I had a morning of Spa treatments in the hotel first. My H2B has not seen them yet, but I'm thrilled with the results so its really hard not to "give the game away!" Good luck with it rubybride!"

    Now she seems to have forgotten this and is asking where they are based!

    See previous thread here on Big Budget Brides:

    I smell something fishy here image

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  • ooo that's a bit naughty! I think the fishy smell is someone fishing for customers!!!
  • MrsBarnabyMrsBarnaby Posts: 102
    ooo that's a bit naughty! I think the fishy smell is someone fishing for customers!!!
    It's a real pain - here we are taking the time to reply and offer advice when the person is only here to try and promote their business. Call me cynical, but I'm thinking rubybride and TheNextMrsKing are probably the same person - ask a question and answer it yourself style image

  • Sorry Ladies, I seem to have caused a storm! There are no fish here ... I meant to ask where are YOU based ... I've modified my posting, hope that's cleared up the confusion!
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    Just looked at the website and gallery - pictures look amazing! Good for you, I bet your H2B will love it. Where are they based?

    You've changed more than just the one word - you've changed the whole meaning of what you originally wrote which I have quoted above.

    You are digging yourself into a hole image
  • I'd just like to say Gary Roebuck is my wedding photographer and I don't think setting up fake You And Your Wedding profiles to drum up business is his thing!!

    And with the prices he charges for wedding photography because he is an amazing photographer I'm thinking he doesn't need to go chasing business for his new venture Art of Boudoir.

  • rubybriderubybride Posts: 36
    I'm not very impressed with the way this thread I started has gone!

    Thanks TheNextMrsHall for bringing some sanity back.

    LarissaS; you are jumping to conclusions, you probably don't mean it to, but your posts come across as pretty aggressive. I only wanted opinions - TheNextMrsKing likes Art of Boudoir and you like Mighty Aphrodite, that's fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, they are both good.

    "Keep calm and carry on"
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