Aston Villa Message?

Hi Girls,

I have seen some ladies have been able to get hold of certficates/messages for their h2b from football clubs, and am wondering if anyone has managed to get one from Aston Villa FC?

My h2b is villa mad and would love this gift! Obv I don't mind paying but have had no luck so far with ringing them and emailing. Can anyone help? thanks xx


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    Anyone ??!!!
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    Have you tried any Villa Forums instead, maybe there'll be someone there to help you out?
  • Hi Charli159. I have literally just posted about writing to Tottenham. I used the template posted on here and emailed them this morning from the email address on their website - customer care. I have already had a reply saying Harry Redknapp will personally write a letter for us congratualting us on our day.

    Try going on the villa website and emailing customer care and see what they say. I just emailed with out names, date of wedding and our address. Hope this helps. x:\)
  • Go onto their website and the contact section and you can email from the site. I would probably use general enquiries as the subject. Just see what they come back with as a start?
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    I have emailed them twice now but no response image Am going to have to ring them. Wodering whether they will actually do it seens as they havnt responded image How much do they cost? Thanks girls x
  • That's a shame :\( I would try calling them and explaining. As far as I know, costing nothing!! Not even postage which I am impressed about, thought they might request I send a SAE envelope or something. Don't know if other clubs charge, but I don't think so for a letter/certificate, I suppose they would if you wanted a shirt signing or something. I must say, I was very impressed with how quickly I got a reply. Lets just hope I am as impressed when I receive it!! Hope you get it sorted out, such a good present!
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    Thanks ilovepink....Yes my H2B would be over the moon (over a piece of paper lol)...Going to get on to them now image x
  • Hey

    I emailed the PR department at Tottenham and got no response but about a month later I have jsut recieved a letter from Harry Rednapp! I will be wife of the year, in his eyes, when he sees it!

    Definately check their website and email the PR department direct. Good luck!
  • Hi

    Me and H2B are both massive villa fans. When I wanted to get a happy birthday message for my dads 50th I tried emailing and got no response so h2b rang customer services and they were really helpful. So perhaps give them a ring and see what they suggest

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    Hi, I emailed villa using the contact address on the website. The first time i emailed I got a blank Villa card with Martin O'Neil's signature on it. I wanted a bit more so I wrote a hand-written letter to the club really grovelling and I got a bigger card, in which someone had written a message of congratulations in and then o'neil's signature. I just didn't want to have to fake a message for my h2b!

    So yes, I recommend you write them a letter with your address and details of your wedding and you are more likely to get a response.

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    Great thank u ... Will update soon x
  • Great idea - think I'll try this for my H2B's team!
  • charli159charli159 Posts: 449
    Hey all....Just thought I would update you...i have had an email saying yes they will do a certificate for my h2b yayyyy! x
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