groom and groomsmen wear......


I am having a bit of an issue with my groom and his boys outfits. Initially i wanted the groomsmen to match the bridesmaids and have fuschia cravats and hankies, and for my grrom to have ivory. The problem is that the shop we are hiring the suits from do not have a colour match to the bridesmaids and the nearest colour clashes. I know that forever yours makes cravats to match exactly the colour of my bridesmaid dresses, but these cost £15 for the cravat and hankie sets.

I was wondering if it would work if my groom wore the pink and the others wore ivory to make it a bit cheaper. What do u thnk or do u think it would look odd?




  • i think thats a good idea, my groom is wearing ivory and the men are wearing matching cravets with the bridemaids, i could not get the right colour match either, so i bought a cravat pattern and a metre of mink colour satin dunchess material form john lewis which is a perfect match and is costing me just under a tenner, and should make three cravats i am rubbish with dressmaking etc so i have tasked to my mum

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