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wedding rings - which material

hi, we just had a guy round from forever wedding rings, he gave us some prices, im unsure which metal to get, im leaning towards tungsten/titanium or palladium, but when ive looked on the net ive found such a wide variety of titanium prices (he priced an 8mm ring at £450 with no diamonds)

quite a few places ive looked at have titanium rings at under £100, although i have found a couple of websites with more expensive titanium rings, does anyone know why the diversity in prices?

his palladium ring was coming in at £850ish, thought that was quite expensive too


  • petessampetessam Posts: 11
    No idea why the prices are so different ... why don't you ask him! Do they give you any kind of certificate of authenticity??
  • I'd definitely ask the jeweller too, Hun!
  • My h2b as opted for palladium, he wanted a ring in matt finish, but doesn't like the idea of White gold. It cost us £350 from ernest jones.
  • cluckyukcluckyuk Posts: 571
    Hi All, think it depends of the quality and strength of the tungsten or chosen metal. General price around £90 - £199, if your paying more than that you'd expect a detail or crystal of some sort. x
  • you can get palladium alot cheaper im sure, does depend if you have diamonds, engraving etc, h2b has gone for palladium, just a simple band, from goldsmiths, we also went to beaverbrooks and both cheaper than smooch rings, i would recommend palladium x
  • ImpishukImpishuk Posts: 173
    To be honest, the prices you've been quoted sound like an absolute rip off to me.

    We looked at palladium and tungsten for my h2b as he needs something hardwearing, and didn't see anything anywhere near as expensive as that. We went with platinum in the end to match mine, and although he picked a narrower band (6mm instead of 8mm) we've got platinum for a fair bit less than you've been quoted for palladium... which does not sound right to me at all.
  • I'd have to agree... BIG rip off!

    Titanium was higher in price a few years ago when it was new and fashionable but today it's less popular and MUCH cheaper! Even at that, I don't think it was ever worth the £450 they're asking, that's outrageous... Go in Beaverbrooks and you will find a single diamond titanium ring for £100 (and they're known for being overpriced on the high street!).

    We all know that you pay more for quality and for designer products but when it comes to precious metal wedding bands they're all very similar until you hit the bespoke market. Obviously I'd avoid the lowest end of the market where quality can be affected but I have two plain Palladium court rings which we got from and respectively, both at vastly cheaper prices than that! The same rings in all high st stores were twice the price!

    I've just had a look on Forever wedding rings and I'm not impressed... If you want to spend that much then I'd suggest going elsewhere with your money where you'll get much more for it! Otherwise do your research and have a better look around...

  • We were having this debate a month ago, finally decided upon Palladium due to advice from other brides/ grooms on this forum. Got H2b's from for £150, seem good quality and the service was fine, just get the free ring sizer before ordering. We went off the local jewellery shops sizing and needed to swap the size!
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