Man utd telegram replies

Did you girls give a stamped addressed envelope? How much did you pay for postage? Don't want it to get lost in the post!


  • MimmyPandaMimmyPanda Posts: 219
    Sorry I cant help but Im wanting to do something Man U related for h2b.

    What have you done & where did you write to?
  • Hi ladies.

    I wrote to the address on the FAQ's on their website and I asked them to write a letter of congratulations for my h2b as he was a lifelong fan etc etc. I enclosed a stamped address envelope with 2 2nd class stamps on cos I had no idea what the postage would be either and my friend told me to put 2 stamps on! Anyway about 2 weeks later (I think, may have been less) I got the envelope back with a letter inside saying congrats and signed by Sir Alex. It was a bit creased but I was really pleased with it. What are you going to do with your letters though? I can't decide whether to give it to him on the morning of the wedding while he's getting ready or getting the toastmaster to read it out before the speeches. What do you think? x
  • PS this is the bit from the FAQ's.

    3I have a special occasion coming up; can you send me a best wishes greeting card or something to read out on the day?It may be possible to organise for a standard greeting letter to be sent, which we can adjust to suit the occasion, this will include a scanned signature from Sir Alex. Due to the number of requests we receive, 6 weeks prior notice is required. Please send an A4 stamped address envelope to the address below. Please note we cannot always guarantee a response.

    The address is:-

    The Managers Office

    Manchester United Football Club

    (Special Occasion)

    Birch Road

    Off Isherwood Road



    M31 4BH

  • I went to the post office today and postage was a large 2nd class stamp.

    I await in anticipation!
  • MimmyPandaMimmyPanda Posts: 219
    Thanks for that!

    I will definitely be doing this nearer the time!
  • Cool, hope it arrives quickly for you cosmo! How long have you two got left then? Our wedding is exactly 1 month today - eek!!
  • Hi girls got a reply today was slightly disappointed. Got a covering letter sent back saying they don't sign cards anymore and the certifcate was well, basic. I did expect better quality paper and the border were pictures of what looks like clip art wedding cakes. I don't think I'll give it to h2b on the day it looks like I got a year 3 child to do it as my yr 6 class would've done better! Lol
  • I also tried this and they said it's just a standard letter with a printed signature they send now due to so many requests.

    The players hold signing sessions weekly but these items are donated to charities only.

    Boo image

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