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Has anyone had any experience of the Platinum tour of the ground...thinking of purchasing a group one for H2B as a pressie. What do they actually get and what's involved is it VFM?,,10268~1930133,00.html


  • dont know but do know that h2b would kill to do it image it would be value for money as it is chelsea and any chelsea fan would say it was fab whether it was 10 pound or a million pound. Also make sure he gets his photo with the FA cup in the museum, whilst they have still got it, again h2b would kill for that, going to try and arrange it for later this year as couldnt afford it for his birthday.
  • on another note, are you having any chelsea theme's for your wedding? looking for ideas for the reception, could you ask your h2b what he would like, it is a suprise for my h2b and getting some ideas in my head but picking a chelsea fan's brain would be good, thats if im not being cheeky image
  • ziggywigsziggywigs Posts: 1,435
    We're not having CFC theme, hence the tour bit.

    Suggestions for CFC theme;

    Table names could be numbered after players and on the table plan could be laid out like a pitch with the shirts and names of players for each table as at the beginning of the match.

    We priced up having our reception at CFC and you can get married there but for the ceremony we were quoted £55per head for venue, food including reception drinks, canapes and 1/2 bottle of wine per person. Staff and bar included in this. You would need to book entertainment.

    I did price for a player to come and congratulate him on the day but depending on who it was could be quite £.

    Blue BM's.

    Footie ticket invites.

    Favours could be CFC related.

    Grooms cake (sponge) CFC related it's really cheap to design your own and have bakers make it. For 120 my grooms cake is £90 including making some special decorations...they may be able to do the CFC colours in the sponge.

    H2B would love to have married there and had the venue too but £ for the numbers we have was prohibitive.

    Unfortunately they don't do the 'well wishing cards' that other clubs like Liverpool do to the Bride and Groom on the day.

    Hope this helps.
  • Hey thanks for the ideas they are the best i have had so far image we did orginally book tohave it there but it was just to far away and a logistical nightmare as we live in Kent.

    Disappointed about the well wishing cards though as had planned to do that image how do you find out how much it will be to have a player to come on the day?
  • ziggywigsziggywigs Posts: 1,435
    I googled and they all have agents...there agencies that will be able to do this for you...cost depends on who you want and who is represented by, it's cheaper for a retired player to appear etc.

    The club should be able to direct you as to who you should approach. Although be warned it can be costly some charge £2K for 2 hours for a minor celebrity but they will make a speech etc.

    Here's a site that you may find helpful.... who do Graeme Le Saux former CFC player.
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