presents for H2B


This is a fab idea, I wrote off to Liverpool FC and they kindly sent a signed photo of the team and a new home t-shirt. Have already got them both framed and will present on wedding day!


  • Hi misspiggy - how long did you have to wait for a response from Liverpool FC? I've written to them as H2B is a massive fan (grew up in Liverpool). It's been a week now and I'm very impatient! I just want to know if they're going to be as generous with me as they were with you!! I hope so! I'm so excited!! xx
  • puntobabepuntobabe Posts: 446
    good for a bloke that like footie, whereas my H2B hates the game, doubt I can get Valantino Rossi to do the same
  • Why not?! It's worth a shot Claire2 - what have you got to lose?! (My Dad's a massive Rossi fan!!) xx
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