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Kindle book/Sony Reader e-book - groom present help!


Am thinking of getting my groom one of those ebooks for his wedding present but i don' know anything about them??

Can any tech savy men/women out there please help?? Which is better Kindle/Sony and which (if any) are available in the UK.

Anything is much appreciated!



  • mushroom82mushroom82 Posts: 219
    We have a kindle and I really like it. If you do order it make sure you get an adapter to charge it as it's set up on american voltage. Never used the sony before so can't comment on that
  • 2010bride2b2010bride2b Posts: 170
    hi thanks mushroom82, did you order it from amazon? If you don't mind me asking how much did it wor out with because i imagine customs will spot it coming in. He loves reading so this would be a perfect present for him!
  • Don't get a Kindle! It dosn't support the pdf format that most books are in and you are therefore tied to buying any books off the Amazon site.

    The Sony reader on the other hand does support pdfs and is all round brilliant, I have one and love it.
  • 2010bride2b2010bride2b Posts: 170
    that's good to know thanks! It looks like sony is available in the UK so i can actually go and see what i am getting too that was what was worrying me about the kindle.

    have a few months to decide yet anyway but thanks!

  • DivaukDivauk Posts: 37
    et teh Sony e-Reader.

    Avoid the kindle.

    yolu're tied into a relationship with Amazon & can't read things like word documents/pdfs if you want to read other work things etc.

    The E-Reader is made for of the grid use, whereas the kindle means faffing around to get the ebook converted.

    Love mine, great for travel.
  • emoriaemoria Posts: 344
    I have the Kindle app on my I Phone and have come across several classic books are not available on Amazon.

    Wicked present idea though if he loves reading, i've only just started using app (although on alot smaller screen size) and love it
  • 2010bride2b2010bride2b Posts: 170
    hummm the e-reader sounds like the way to go then. I notice you can buyt the books from waterstones and whsmiths too which is brilliant.

    He will LOVE this present so best get saving image
  • MrsBarnabyMrsBarnaby Posts: 102
    I saw an item on The Gadget Show a few weeks ago about e-readers - they have the video on their website here;

    They reviewed the sony & the Kindle and another one as well I think.

  • 2010bride2b2010bride2b Posts: 170
    thanks larissaS this is perfect, just what i needed! And there is another one - cybook opus to look at now! Glad they mentioned the screens coz was thinking he could use it on the honeymoon image
  • 2010bride2b2010bride2b Posts: 170
    found even more available in the UK now - wow didn't know there was so many! I like the sound of the Elonex from Waterstones - looks like it does the job perfect but i woun't have to remortgage the house! Might pop in tomorrow and have a word!
  • BeachbrideukBeachbrideuk Posts: 2,154
    I was looking at these, am considering the iriver. It got quite a good write up on which

    Let me know what the Elonex is like.
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