Nicola Grimshaw-Mitchell Shoot

Hi girls

Having read so much about these shoots on the website and seen some of the pictures of you lovely ladies I have started to go for it.

I understand if I mention the name of a friend we both get a free picture so if anyone else has an appointment with her then I would be happy to give your name.

I have activated my e-mail address so drop me a line.

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  • MondieukMondieuk Posts: 242
    Yay! You will love it! I had my shoot last Thursday and got my pictures back last night and I LOVE them! The woman is a genius and I have never ever had even one photo of me before that I liked, now I have loads!! Wish I could do it again!!
  • Hi! please feel free to use my name if you like! (Louise Leonards) i'd love an extra print too!
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