Rolls Royce Phantom prices

hi all!

we are getting married in cyprus and my fiance wants to have a rolls royce phantom for our party when we come back.

is anybody having one for their wedding or know the prices?




  • hiya

    my fiance spoke to a few companies about the newest style rolls royce phantom (i think theres an old one, god im so thick lol left it to the h2b to organise) A lot of the quotes were based on 2 hour hire and seemed to be around the £1000-£1200 on average but were for the white ones. Can you believe some companies charge more just because its white and not silver or black but then again i suppose if you phone for a funeral car the prices will suddenly change around and a black one be more expensive !!! Our weddings on a Saturday so tht maybe a reason but its in November so it may balance out our quote. Cut a long story short the h2b managed to knock the price down from £1000 to £600 for the new white one for 3 hours. I think it just depends on when you want it for, how long for and the colour. Just shop around like crazy ( our cheapest was a local company) and defo haggle the price down.

    i hope this has helped.

    good luck with the planning and congrats.

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