Arsenal message for H2B

Hi Ladies,

I would like to get a message from Arsenal for H2B. Does anyone know where I need to send my request?



  • cat89ukcat89uk Posts: 952
    go on there official website.....they should have a FAQ'a page and it should have special occasions on it go on that there maybe some letter you have to send or an email or poosibly call.....i just did this for my H2bs 21st (manchester united) they had a special occasions page i just sent of a pre-paid large envelope with a card and a smaller pre-paidenvelope all they gotta do it sign it then! lol x
  • hey i also looked into this and emailed someone at arsenal, i mentioned to them sending in a card for them to sign and they said no they only do that for sick children - but i could have a letter of congratulations from the manager. x
  • michjoemichjoe Posts: 544
    Thanks ladies, i looked on their website but couldn't find specific contact details.

    Mrs P2b what email address did you use?
  • hey i typed into google what is arsenals email and one came up so i emailed that one and i got a service reply with the correct email to use! so i would suggest you try that - they emailed me the next day with an address! sorry i cant be more helpful i have delteted all the emails and address so that h2b doesnt find them!! x
  • just found it : [email protected] thats the one they replied to and messaged me the address
  • michjoemichjoe Posts: 544
    Thanks for you help, I'll try the email
  • michjoemichjoe Posts: 544
    I got the letter from Arsenal and my aunt read it out during the speeches. My husband said it was the highlight of his day. I didn't get a chance to frame it before our wedding so I still need to get a nice frame.
  • MrsVanderSteenMrsVanderSteen Posts: 8,204
    Hey lovely,

    I am also doing this and have already been given the address to request it, how long did it take for yours to arrive?

  • How far in advance should this be done?

    Thank you x
  • SarahMor84SarahMor84 Posts: 1,493
    What a lovely idea, H2B and I are stoke city supporters so I have just sent off a message to see if they also do these letters. Would be amazing if they did, I can see my H2B's face if the best man reads out a letter from the boys!
  • i got one, it was an address i got off here, i googled it and found the thread! it looks brill, he will love it!
  • MrsVanderSteenMrsVanderSteen Posts: 8,204
    feck off love wedding with your fake posts
  • Wanna do this for my h2b but for man u, just sent them email to their fan liason team x
  • vcb1981vcb1981 Posts: 645
    Are you all going to read them out yourselves at the wedding? We only have 10 people at ours (Las Vegas) and my mum wnated to do it but I really wanted to do it (selfish - want all the credit!). He not having a best man or anything. I cant wait to see his face!!!!!!! Man City better live up to their emails!
  • Have you spoken with them already hun? I think you should read it out x
  • vcb1981vcb1981 Posts: 645
    yes, Man City just said they will send something out a few weeks before we fly. Saying that they may just get hima a card with just random signatures and I wont even know who they are!! ha ha ha!
  • ZoebroadheadZoebroadhead Posts: 112
    Hi there,

    Does anyone know how to go about contacting Stoke City??? He would just love this!!

    Zoe xx
  • So pleased to have found this just emailed Arsenal for my OH xx
  • getting worried now never heard anything for ages from Arsenal so i emailed then and they said it is waiting to be signed thats a week ago i hope it comes in time!
  • NowMrsR-HNowMrsR-H Posts: 280
    I am still waiting for my arsenal letter too and was starting to worry as the wedding is 3 weeks away.... do you think it is worth sending them an email to check that they got it?

  • mb2bemb2be Posts: 92
    I sent my request to Arsenal 6 weeks before the wedding and got a letter last week (we get married a week on Saturday).

    The letter included our names and date of the wedding and said something about my OH finding his "perfect match!" And a real signature from Mr Wenger!

    I'm very impressed - even as a Man U fan!! x

  • NowMrsR-HNowMrsR-H Posts: 280
    mine arrived.... it is brill.

    going to put it in a big wedding card for best man to read out on the day.

  • In regards to the Man Utd one I think I might just be being a little dozy but where on the website do i go to enquire about a letter? Is it just a case of contacting them?
  • Hi

    Has any of the stoke city fans got anywhere ??? We're also stoke fans and would love to have something for my H2B.

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