Boudior Shhot -NGM!!!!!! (PHOTOS!!!!)


I recieved the link for my photos yesterday from my Boudior shoot with Nicola! Absolutely amazing!!

It was the best experience of my life, Nicola and the girls are amazing. I turned up at the salon with bright red puffy eyes from spending the night crying (had a horrible experience!!) And they made me look fantastic!!

I cant recommend Nicola enough!!

If anyone is looking to book, if you mention my name ... Samantha Donald, you will recieve a free 7x5" print!!!

Here is a link to my pictures .... EEEEK!! Never thought I would do this, but I am soooo impressed!!


  • LplollypopsLplollypops Posts: 108
    Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just had a look at your pictures and they are STUNNING!!!!!! You are absolutely gorgeous!!!! I wasnt sure if I would have the guts to do it but after seeing those I definately am....

    You hubby will love them!!

    L xx imageimage
  • The link doesn't work hun xx
  • Got the link to work now!! WOW you look amazing, I have enquired with her today and looking to get booked for next may. I hope they can make me look as amazing as that!
  • mungotobemungotobe Posts: 99
    amazing image
  • sam-jaynesam-jayne Posts: 392
    Lol thank you, Nicola is putting the before and after picture on the website, have a look at the before! I's had about 2 hours sleep, cried since about 8 pm that night. Cried abit more in the shop, and they still made me look that good!

    Ellamae, if u book, be sure to mention my name for your free picture!!

    I cant wait to see H2b face. When I had a look at the link last night I was soo excted, I couldnt keep it in, so had to txt every1 I knew to eliviate some of the excitement!!

  • Miss_PenguinMiss_Penguin Posts: 1,020
    You look fantastic!
  • OMG!!!! These are stunning! I'm dead glad that everyone keeps posting their links to Nicola's galleries as I love having a sneaky peak at everyones photos! (is that wrong image ?)

    You look amazing Samantha - really gorgeous and I bet your hubbie will be dragging his tongue along the floor!
  • stephie3ukstephie3uk Posts: 288
    you look stunning!!! wow!! xxx
  • lozzi31lozzi31 Posts: 518
    Hi Sam - you look amazing! Really really amazing Nicola is very talented!

    Did you get to pick the images Nicola worked on or did she pick the best ones and only show you the finished article? How did choosing which images process work?
  • Becky85ukBecky85uk Posts: 434
    omg you look amazing image
  • Mrs_CukMrs_Cuk Posts: 182
    Wow! You look fantastic!

    Hope you're feeling better now after whatever it was that made you upset. You certainly cannot tell from those pics. Brilliant.

    x x x
  • OMG I love them, you look gorg!

    I had my shoot on Sunday so just waiting for my pic's to come through, I loved the whole experience too.

    The suspense is killing me waiting, hope mine turn out as good as yours xx
  • sam-jaynesam-jayne Posts: 392
    Thank you for all the lovely comments!

    Nicola took lots of pictures around the same pose, and then picked the best ones from all the different poses. All I had to do was choose the one which went on the front cover!

  • Those are amazing!! You look so good, he is going to love them!

    I so wish I had got some done!! Might get them done for a Christmas present or something ha.

    Where is she based??

  • Hom2010Hom2010 Posts: 282
    oh . my. god!!

    WOWWWWWW you look so god damn sexy!!


    Dont mean to be rude but how much was the shoot?

  • Mmmm
  • Nicola is based not too far from manchester, think the address is on her website somewhere from what i can remember! I paid about £450 but my shoot was last year so prices prob different now, I had a Make-Over and an Album - lush.
  • stunning, absolutely stunning!x
  • MaylanMaylan Posts: 9,604
    Great shots image!! You look stunning!
  • sam-jaynesam-jayne Posts: 392
    Thanks!! image

    Yeah I paid £400 and I had the make over first! I am still beaming with happiness from looking at them

  • wait til you get your album Sam - you'll love it!
  • HELP! Sam you've just made my decision for me you look so amazing i am going to fly into Manchester and get a shoot with her.

    Having seen her mentioned and looked at Pics many times on the forum I can't see why you'd go with anyone else she really is the best!

    You look amazing as do all the other ladies ive seen that have had shoots with her!
  • Samantha

    Have requested booking date and used your name - enjoy the print!
  • decembernycdecembernyc Posts: 270
    Wow! You look fabulous! If she could make me look anywhere near as gorgeous as you do i'd be ecstatic!
  • decembernycdecembernyc Posts: 270
    argh double post
  • love2sparklelove2sparkle Posts: 256
    Can I ask where you got your underwear from?

    I haven't got my shoot till next year, hoping to do all shopping in one day if I can!

    Your pics are fab I'm well excited for mine image
  • xkatyannxxkatyannx Posts: 107
    omg they are amazing! you look stunning!
  • Charlie1980ukCharlie1980uk Posts: 1,533
    oooh i got my book... photos are ace... am bursting to tell him lol x only 34 days to keep it stum x
  • RuthMeganRuthMegan Posts: 796
    why cant i get this link to work?? what am i doing wrong? xx
  • 2BWed20112BWed2011 Posts: 2,209
    image It's asking for a username and password...
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