Point of this forum!

I also wondered this a while back but I have only seen a handful of guys on here. There is no way my H2B would be on here! I love researching stuff (always do it for holidays, weekend break, etc) so I come back with all the wedding ideas and he agrees/disagrees where appropriate! Bless him image


  • TakenManTakenMan Posts: 43
    Ha a male perspective can be added! Basically it should be for grooms but we don't say much so an unofficially 'about grooms' seems to be allowed to make up post numbers. Which is perfectly fine or this would be a very empty section.
  • DynanDynan Posts: 43
    Most of the questions I've had, as a groom, have been posted and answered in other parts of the forum.

    So - one for the guys - how's your speech writing going? Started yet? Nervous? Not bothering?
  • TakenManTakenMan Posts: 43
    My whole job is based around writing and my hobby is poetry so I have to admit it isn't worrying me.
  • DynanDynan Posts: 43
    No need to rub it in! image

    I've written the "body" of mine - just revsiiting it every now and then to add bits, re-read what I've done.

    Hopefully it will all come together!!
  • TakenManTakenMan Posts: 43
    I know what you mean, I can't leave mine alone. Every day I seem to change something and I am sure I will continue to do so. I have the image of me up there with a pen scribbling something new image
  • AlyBallAlyBall Posts: 695
    lol - a conversation by 2 men! Well I'll be damned!!

    Maybe we should put the suggestion that there should be a newgroom ranking instead of showing these two very brave H2B's here as Newbrides!

    On another note, my H2B only found out last week that he had to do a speech - he thought that was what his Best Man was for!!! lol!!
  • DynanDynan Posts: 43
    Alyson - did find being labled a "Newbride" a little confusing!
  • Lisar1980Lisar1980 Posts: 382
    ah I wish my h2b would be as interested as you two.

    Alyson - my h2b didnt realise he had to get in the wedding car with me to go from the church to the venue - he wanted to get his own sports car lol
  • AlyBallAlyBall Posts: 695
    Lisar1980: See cars just don't interest my H2B! He did however think that he was keepin gour 2 year old the night before the wedding and tatking her to the church with him! When I said to him, so who would be doing her hair etc he actually replied "what needs done to it?!"

    H2B-2011: The newbride rank didn't half confuse me as much as 2 men actually on here talking!!! lol
  • TakenManTakenMan Posts: 43
    Hey we are not that rare! Well, ok maybe we are but we can hold a conversation for at least a little time.
  • DynanDynan Posts: 43
    Looked at my speech again this afternoon and made loads more changes! Getting to the point where I'm starting to be happy with it and it read well.

    Even managed to get a couple of my own gags in! Been trying not to revert to using "standard" wedding ones!

    LisaR1980 - you're OH might well be on here lurking! I don't think my B2B has a clue I come on here- she does seem suprissed when I bring things up like chair covers though!!
  • ls2blbls2blb Posts: 1,280
    any advice on the speech front chaps? H2B is stressed to hell about being funny already and it isn't until next year!!
  • cat89ukcat89uk Posts: 952
    wow did i just read that 2 men talking about their wedding!
  • AlyBallAlyBall Posts: 695
    I know MrsStanding2Be - I've been on and off this forum just to check up on these guys!!! I don't know - I'm beginning to think it's women in disguise - we've even had more than one paragraph!!
  • TakenManTakenMan Posts: 43
    Ah I am afraid my humour is rather sarcastic, luckily so is all my family and my OH's family. The best advice I can give is don't try to be funny. Just write what you want to write and keep looking over it every day or so, you don't have to make any changes, just read it. The humour will eventually creep in naturally.
  • DynanDynan Posts: 43
    Would agree on the humour front.

    Don't try too hard. His natural humour should shine through though.

    Best targets if he wants to take the rise out of anyone are himself and the Best Man.

    I'm a tad vertically challenged so I'll be making light of it - mainly before anyone else does!

    I'm expecting the "stand up then" heckle whislt i'm stood up!
  • cat89ukcat89uk Posts: 952
    Alyson McLean: OMG look their still going!

    lol its actually really nice to see it! bout time the blokes got involved! mine will never get on here lol x
  • AlyBallAlyBall Posts: 695
    I know - my H2B turns the laptop on and it's only ever to watch judo videos!! I'd die of shock if I came in and found him on this!!!

    I don't know - do you think it's men?!?!?!?!?! lol!!!
  • DynanDynan Posts: 43

    Just because it says "newbride" under my username!image

  • Well, I dont know its really interesting to hear blokes chatting about their wedding, their cares and worries, I was beginning to think that guys never think or chat to eachother about wedding stuff - mine is all computers and cars etc...

    Im dreading the best man, groom and esp. father of the bride speaches and what they are going to say about me.... Im hoping that they will all forget and it wont be done - LOL!!!!
  • ags1979ags1979 Posts: 44
    The whole newbride thing is a bit onesided i agree!!

    I know its a rareity for us blokes to be actually interested in our own weddings, rather than the "just tell me where, what time and what to wear" attitude!!
  • TakenManTakenMan Posts: 43
    I will admit most of the breed called males steer clear of weddings ... I think it is the flowers. Anything with flowers is considered to be bad for our health. So saying that I quite like flowers. Anyway I think more men should get involved. It is our day as well! I wonder if we can get a petition going to get 'Newgroom2b' or something! It would show that there are actually males lurking on here.
  • MrsRadcliffe1MrsRadcliffe1 Posts: 3,524
    If my h2b knew how to use this he'd be on here lol. Hes so excited, i have to run every little detail past him. I think its nice that men are discussing their weddings image x
  • TakenManTakenMan Posts: 43
    Teach him then! We need a greater male influence image
  • my h2b loves this site ... I find him reading posts all the time! haha ... especially ones I save as a favourite... image It's good!
  • ags1979ags1979 Posts: 44

    Excellent idea!!

    gets my vote image
  • AlyBallAlyBall Posts: 695
    I say it's something that should be requested - newgroom status instead of newbride!

    My H2B couldn't get on this - he has his homepage set as google and his favourite link is judo videos. HOWEVER, I am NOT allowed to plan any detail of the wedding without him - bar the dresses of course and my own wee gift - at all, he has been completely involved in the whole lot of it which is great!

    I think it's just because this forum is so predominately female that to see THREE (yes, I'm sure I have counted 3) men talking about their wedding speechs and even commenting on other posts (seen one on ES) is just absolute mind blowing!

    Well done you guys, welcome to the new era of men!!!
  • DynanDynan Posts: 43
    I'm sure there are more men out there who are activly invloved in the planning!

    The way I see it it's as much my day as it is the other halfs! And seeing as it's so bl00dy expensive I want to make sure I'm happy with the various elements of the day! lol

  • True H2B!! image
  • TakenManTakenMan Posts: 43
    The irony of the situation atm is that I'm doing more planning than my B2B atm. SO far I have picked out everything. Mind you, she barely manages to choose what to eat in a resturant. Knowing she is indecisive she seems to have left it all to me!
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