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Football and your wedding


Have of you managed to get any element of your team (football or rugby or otherwise!) into your wedding?

Being West Ham I have tried (and failed) to get the colour scheme to be claret and blue, and to have "Bubbles" as a either the entrance or exit song.

I have, however, got West Ham players surnames as table names and bubbles instead of confetti!


  • Hello image

    The only way we have is to get signed pictures from Derby County (for my dad and my uncle) and signed pictures from Hull City (for H2B dad and Best Man) image

    They look really good, so maybe you could get West Ham to do something similar as a gift to someone??

  • DynanDynan Posts: 43
    By best man and ushers all support Arsenal so no chance! lol

    I'll buy them Arsenal cufflinks though!
  • AmyLGKAmyLGK Posts: 375
    hey - well I showed my husband to be some colour scheme suggestions and, as a Newcastle fan, un-surpisigly he's gone for the black and white (well ivory) theme image

    I'm a Leicester fan, but there is no sign of any blue or yellow image I did suggest that my family sit on tables named with Leicester players and his on tables with Newcastle players names....


  • Hom2010Hom2010 Posts: 282
    Oh yes!

    My fella is a Sheffield Wednesday fan and i've got to say I have been taken in since we got together 4 years ago, I absolutely love going to matches.

    I actually got their symbol (an owl) as a tattoo on me as a suprise for his birthday two years ago!

    We're having a blue and white wedding (I would have actually gone for blue anyway) and our local owl sanctuary are bringing down a barn owl for an hour for some novelty photos. Also h2b wants to walk down the aisle to 'High Ho Sheffield Wednesday'

    Not much then.....!!

    The way I see it the day is so centred round the bride I want him to have his little moment too!
  • Hey we have

    My H2B is a massive Leeds Fan and as it really is a big part of him i thought i had to incoporate it a little so we have got tables names of old Leeds Legends, they will have the leeds badge on them too. our table plan is a football pitch and the tables are shirts in leeds colours. I also had a special cake topper made, wit came the other day its fab, it has me in my dress and my h2b with a leeds shirt on and his foot resting on a football with the leeds badge on it image its really really good.

    As a surprise i have arranged to have Marching on Together (leeds official song) to be played when we go into the room for our meal, and i have a card and framed certificate of congratulations signed by the whole team too.

    It sonds a lot but it is only minimal but will be really effective on the day image

    Hope all your days are fab i only have 17 days left

  • MabsyukMabsyuk Posts: 237
    Two of our hymns are Cwm Rhondda (Welsh Rugby Anthem) and The Lord is My Shepherd (WBA's 'official' song). The rugby's for him - the Albion is all mine!! I strongly suspect the church will be ringing with the sound of my family clapping and shouting 'West Brom!' while his side sing the hymn sensiblyimage
  • Well, me and my H2B are forest fans and both our families(bar his dad)are all leicester fans(incl his Best man), so I believe there will be alot of banter in speeches about this!

    We haven't really planned anything around forest yet, although our wedding car(a VW Campervan)is red and white image
  • AlyBallAlyBall Posts: 695
    I have (it's the only bit of the wedding that H2B doesn't acutally know about!

    He thinks our colours are red, white and black (Man U colours!) He thinks BM is in red, I'm in white, FG in white with red and his tartan is balck and white... but it's not! I'm in white, BM is in black and FG is in white with black!!

    I've also got a signed card from the Newcastle players and a letter from Alan Shearer - he's not getting these until AFTER the service (probably get best man to give him them during his speech) otherwise he would completely forget about the rest of the day!
  • my hubby to be is also a West Ham fan. Have you suggested having bubbles played in the church while you enter or while you are waiting for her to turn up? that way it isn't part of the official wedding service.

    The other thing we are doing is we are having a relatively plain cake with the little west ham hammers symbol piped around the end as a decorative border in the same colour as the icing so that although it is a football symbol it is incorporated in a subtle and elegant way.

    If you want to be really cheeky you could buy a west ham garter for your partner... image
  • DynanDynan Posts: 43
    I'll be having "Bubbles" playing on the CD as people begin to take their seats - OH won't be there so she won't mind!

    Think she's getting a West Ham garter herself!! image
  • MrsJKMrsJK Posts: 463

  • I am not a football fan, so I have never thought about that.
  • Not football, but rugger for us. H2B massive rugby fan.He stipulated that the wedding had to be out of the rugby playing season otherwise he would have been playing rugby then getting married! Eck did not want h2b injured on day of wedding. Also did not want Scotland to be playing on same day and as H2B would have wanted a TV to watch the game!!

    Tables are going to be named after rugby stadiums and favours will be in the shape of rugby balls and ribbons will have teams colours.

  • BianxukBianxuk Posts: 494
    We are both Brighton fans and we may have our tables Albion themed - no final decision made yet. We are also having a blue and white theme so the colours go!

    Also having a cake topper and H2B will have his football shirt underneath his suit in it. We haven't had it created yet, but it will be something similar to this (but Brighton & Hove Albion shirt instead of Spurs).

  • My h2b is a HUGE Baltimore Ravens fan (American Football) and his only request was that we had their colours of purple and gold be our wedding theme which I happily agreed to as purple is my fave colour anyway!

    The Ravens played a huge part in our getting together and the team is a big part of him so we're also naming the tables after his fave players, the cake topper will be him in his Ravens jersey and he's even bookmarked a site to order me a Ravens garter from! image
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