Problem with "self-appointed usher" - argh!

We get married on the 29th August. My H2B has asked his best friend to be BM, and my only brother and another good friend to be ushers, with my nephews as page boys. The wedding party are all wearing morning suits with ivory waistcoats. H2B will be wearing an aubergine cravat and the other boys ivory cravats.

So, both my sisters' husbands want to wear morning suits, which is fine, but one has ordered the exact same waistcoat as the wedding party and a near identical colour cravat to my H2B, which I think is going to look weird, as the point of H2B haveing a different colour was to make him stand out. Plus, it now looks like my H2B has asked both my sisters' husbands to be ushers and has left out his sister's husband.

Am I being unreasonable in thinking my brothers-in-law are being a bit unfair?!


  • crazyminxcrazyminx Posts: 187
    No you're not being unreasonable! I'd be annoyed too. I think the most important thing is to ask the one who's ordered the nearly-same-colour cravat to change it. You don't want anyone mistaking him for the groom! I'm surprised he's done it and if I were you I'd explain to him that it will look strange and get him to swap it for another colour... preferably the same colour as your other brother in law? Maybe a colour that distinguishes them from both ushers and the groom? Hope it gets sorted, let us know image
  • I don't think that you are unreasonable, if i were you, i was annoyed too.
  • I'm amazed that you have men volunteering to wear morning suits. It sounds like they're trying really hard to make an effort for your wedding. Try to avoid being too heavy handed about the cravat issue.
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