Suit Help!!

Hi Guys (and girls!)

I was wondering if anyone has gone for a really light grey 3 piece suit, or come across any really nice ones on their own hunts, because h2b has been searching for a while now and can't find one light enough! Around the £500 mark, to buy.

Any links in the right direction would be great. Cheers image


  • shelleyf30shelleyf30 Posts: 3,971
    have you asked the hire shops, we have like a graphite grey prince edwards, the hire shops seem to have a fair choice
  • Have you thought of buying them online? I think you can find anything that you want.
  • LJSxxLJSxx Posts: 116
    Not gonna be much help to you I don't think. But we were looking for a bige/stone colour and couldn't find one anywhere but then came across Slaters they had loads of choice there and really reasonalbe so might be worth a look. x
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