My boudoir! With PICTURES!



  • How much did that roll in at from them?
  • They are just gorgeous..I bet your well happy with them!!!
  • MrsHarkerMrsHarker Posts: 752

    Yeah im very happy with them! Cant wait to give them to my man



    For 50 images on a dvd, 10 prints in an album and a wallet size picture

    From purson photography
  • Not a bad price. I love your ink work btw.
  • stunning! you must be so chuffed. love the one with the veil
  • MrsHarkerMrsHarker Posts: 752
    Chris-Thanks for the comments on my ink..The one in the top picture i think is my favourite.

    angelfins..Love them, i am really chuffed. Cant wait to give them to him now. I like the one with the veil alot too. That is my veil for the day aswell..

  • n_e_rosen_e_rose Posts: 1,562
    there so gorgeous, i'm seriously now thinking about saving up for it, but i'm going to lose the little bit of weight first! but i'm definitely going to think about it, xx
  • MrsHarkerMrsHarker Posts: 752
    ne Rose...Its deffo a confident booster, You should defiantly consider it. I really enjoyed my shoot and love the pictures i received xx

  • I LOVE these! My friend who is a professional photographer is doing my wedding photos so Im now thinking of asking if I can have some of these done at her studio. Do you have any more that you could show me so I can give her some ideas of what I want?

    PS looks like we are dress twins too!!
  • Ooooh lovely! I love Purson Photography, we're going to use them for Cherish the Dress but will probably do a Boudoir shoot with them as well...will use it as an incentive to continue SW after the wedding as still have a lot of weight to shft.
  • mrsgLmrsgL Posts: 682
    im sure your oh will love them. brilliant photography, now im going to ask a really random question-where did you get your knickers from. paddys tiger??? id love to get some saying mrs on xx
  • notabridezilla84!..blinginbloomers Google her. Great for personalised stuff!!

    Wedding Monster...Great photograph isnt she? Id deffo use her for a boudoir shoot, she made me feel so comfortable.

    MrsBrowntobe..I can show you some other pictures if you'd like to see..

    And all i got married last Friday, and hubby LOVED the pictures...He's saved one on his phone and the others as a backdrop on our computer..He he x
  • Deleted

  • Mrs Harker- yes please more pics would be great, I just need some inspiration.

    My email is [email protected]

    Let us know if you post any wedding day pics on here too would love to see....can't wait to wear my dress, wanna keep looking at it!! image
  • mrs Brown...How long have you got to go? I was like that with mine..want to still keep looking at it to be honest..

    I'll send some pictures over...

  • just under 11 months lol so got a loooong wait yet.

    Hoping to lose some more weight on my wedding diet and get the boudoir done next spring but I am super organised so Im getting ideas now so I can maybe start collecting new lingerie (hopefully in a smaller size!)

    Just gonna look at your pics now, will get back to you
  • Mrs Harker - stil havent got your email with the pics from your shoot image
  • Strange...I did send it...

    Just sent it again x
  • Still nothing-did you put 4 S's at the end of princessss?
  • Deleted

  • You're a star! thank you. Not sure why the email wouldn't come through!

    All of your pictures are lovely! Your tatoos are cool and I love that dressing gown! Think I will be investing in one of those! Will get more use out of it than a t shirt I think!

    Thanks again for sharing your pics!
  • Not a problem Mrs Brown...The dressing gown is from blinginbloomers also..Along with the knickers and tops...

    Are you on fb at all?? Ive got lots of unofficial wedding pictures up there if you want to have a nosey for some inspiration xx
  • flower88ukflower88uk Posts: 1,350
    they are awesome pics i can't wait to do my boudior shoot next year image
  • Hello MrsHarker

    I am loving the pictures, and I am really interested in using her. I have been on her website, and I noticed that for the package you descibed it said it was £400. How did you manage to only pay £290?? I can't afford £400, but £290 doesn't sound too bad image

    Edited to say it's going to be a 1st anniversary present. I know I've only been married a few weeks, but I wish I'd done one for the wedding, so thought I could use the prints as 'paper' for our anniversary image


  • mcweedon: I used her valentines day deal...She had some albums left over so i went for that deal xx
  • Wow - you look stunning hun!! YOur husband is a lucky man!image xx
  • Kate_Cornwall...

    Why thankyou very much, he certainly liked the pictures when he got them x
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