my pictures

please take a look

username dawn

password rotherham

any feedback would be great xx


  • You're a naturally smily person. If you'd like a nice reflection of you then go with those.

    You weren't overly comfortable topless for the camera, or at least it looked that way on some images, more uncomfortable than vulnerable.

    How did you feel about the shoot and how did it go?
  • They're awesome - I think the first 6 are fab, the ones where you're wearing the white basque are some the best...very racy. Your husband is a lucky man image
  • Sorry - double post!
  • hollie1626hollie1626 Posts: 134
    You look amazing!!! Wowsers your hubby is going to be one happy man!!! Did you enjoy your shoot? I've got one booked with kayte next year and I can't wait after seeing your pics.

    As for looking uncomfortable I think that's rubbish you look really great. I think a combination of smiling and more 'smouldering' ones would be fab. Go with your favourites - I know your hubby will love them all.

  • LucyMay88LucyMay88 Posts: 373
    Wow! Great pics!! Your husband is going to love them! Its urged me to lose some weight for our 1st ann next year, I wasn't confident enough to get him some done for our wedding!
  • I love them! You look gorgeous! Not sure about the lamp featuring in some of them - you don't need props like that - you're gorgeous on your own!
  • ah thanks guys thats made me feel a little better - i just thought i looked more miserable than smouldering on some of them.

    Kayte is fabulous and i would recommend booking to have your hair and makeup done too on the day xx
  • Lovely pictures.

    Like someone said, the ones with the props look a little odd. I love the close up ones the best.

    I adore the white basque you have on, where did you get it from?
  • MaylanMaylan Posts: 9,604
    Yes, avoid the props, you look more natural without them.

    And my favourite? That black and white one of your head and shoulders, where you're looking away and smiling. So natural!
  • the basque was from debenhams, they dont sell it anymore xx
  • gorgeous photos!!!
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